"You may yet find your parents, young one. Do not lose faith." - Master Orion, Head Monk of the Dravia Monastary


Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Monk (Way of the Open Hand)
Background: Hermit
Alignment: Neutral Good

Age: 29

Unknown, orphaned as an infant

Used to be controlled by Steve, but is now an NPC.


Left at the steps of Dravia Monastery as an infant, with nothing but a bracelet tying him to his past, the child cried. With no idea who left this child, and a language that is unknown inscribed in this bracelet, the monks had little choice but to take this child in, and raise him as their own. They named this child “Samuel”, after the recently deceased master of the monastery.
Samuel grew to learn the ways of the monks at this monastery, learning martial arts, healing through herbalism, and to find an outlet to bring oneself to ease. Samuel has chosen painting as his outlet, and under much tutelage became one of the best pupils there.
After much time had passed, and Samuel had long since mastered the teachings of his elders, Samuel approached Master Orion and asked about his origin. They two talked for some time about their discovery of Samuel on their steps, and the bracelet Mast Orion had kept to try and find an answer for the time of the question being asked, but he could only reveal the likely origin of the bracelet. The bracelet was of a make that resembled the works of a semi-famous jeweler that had recently moved to the island of Tyriss, and word had it that this man had a flawless memory of all his works. Master Orion knew Samuel was to leave soon to begin his search for his past, and so offered one last lesson before Samuel left. The lesson was one where Samuel could adapt and evolve his art, something unique to the martial arts at this monastery.

Not even a year passed before Samuel had finished this lesson, and prepared for his journey. With many a farewell, Samuel then set off for the first time in his life outside the monastery, and his first ship to Tyriss landed him at Dawbridge.


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