Oskar Ironfist

"I will use my axe to spread the glory that is known as METAL!" - Oskar after receiving his new axe


Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Bard (studying in the School of Lore)
Background: Entertainer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Age: 120

Father: Orrun Ironfist
Mother: Figrabelle Oakhide
Cousin: Martin Stonefist


Oskar was born in the mining town of Bhirbuldar, in the country of Durgann. Bhibuldar is mostly unknown outside of its high exports of iron and coal, and as such the town mostly inspires its citizens to continue a life of mining or other jobs that benefit the community.
Oskar never cared much for this life, and had shown a lot of interest in the world of music. Hearing the constant rhythm of picks striking rock, shovel digging dirt, he eventually came to the idea of a style of music that captured this raw sound of nature resisting the forces of man.
Oskar left after some time, and began studying many instruments and lore to find a perfect expression for this sound in his mind. Eventually Oskar believed that a modified lute known as a guitar would be a solid instrument for his music, as well as drums. He wanted to capture an image that could equally explain this raw sound, combining several known styles into what he felt did the job, and named this entire style of music and presentation “metal”, after the iron that is mined from his town.
The music was a lot of hit-or-miss, but one little gnome loved his music so much, he offered to make something unique to help him fight and continue singing. This tinkerer combined a guitar to a battleaxe, and offered this device to Oskar. “Name it!” the gnome exclaimed, “give it a name worthy of this music you have gifted us!”
Oskar settled on “Bluddrinkr”, a raw representation of “Blood Drinker” that he felt would make the world quake at its glory.

After much more travelling, learning, and studying, Oskar finally found himself in Dawnbridge, a town he will begin an adventure to make him a Bard of legends.

Oskar Ironfist

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