Ivellios Amastacia


Race: Sea Elf
Class: Paladin (Oath of Devotion)
Background: Guild Artisan (Cartography)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Age: Unknown


Used to be played by Corey, but is now an NPC until further notice.


Ivellios’ past is has him as one who had discovered a certain joy in cartography, to a point of blind admiration. After learning all he could on it, he had set out to join a guild to put his skills to use and to improve upon them. After years of this, he set off on his own to try and discover uncharted places, and to put them on the map.

Not a man of faith, but a man of diligence, Ivellios gains his paladin powers from his devotion to his work, although the exact extent to this fervor is unknown.

Ivellios Amastacia

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