"You all called me evil Before you had any cause But now that I’m a devil You best beware my claws" - Tattoo on Garoth's back


Race: Dragonborn (Red-scaled)
Class: Warlock (Fiend Patron, Pact of the Chain)
Background: Tinkerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: 25

Family: Father (Status: Unknown)


At a young age, Garoth’s family moved to the village of Kethra, a small farming community who’s mayor was friends with Garoth’s father. They were in need of a home, and the mayor offered a place for them to try and settle down, but it was a rather harsh move. The villagers of Kethra have never seen dragonborn before, but have been attacked by a dragon in recent memory. Their striking similarity caused distrust between the rest of the town and Garoth’s family, but the family eventually managed to ignore this. Garoth found the mayor’s daughter, Calista, a great source of comfort from the mistrust and constant distancing the rest of the village exuded, and the two eventually became closer than just friends.

On night, however, the world has seemed to deem this love forbidden. Garoth and Calista went to the local bar one night to drink because [reasons redacted] . During their revelries, one drunken man approaches them, and began harassing Garoth, saying racial slurs and demeaning him. Garoth grew angry with every passing moment, until finally he pushed the man away. This caused a chain reaction, where several oil lanterns spilled liquid fire everywhere, and with the recent drought, the bar was engulfed within seconds. In desperation to escape from the top floor of the building, the two tried to run outside and away from the fire, but fate would not allow it. One beam from above gave way, and crushed Calista, killing her almost instantly. Garoth in a fit of fear and desperation pushed the beam off Calista’s body, and carried her out. He cried for help, but was met with the gaunt faces of the town’s people.
“You did this” they would say, “You killed her” .
Garoth had only shock and sadness left within him. Frozen in place, the villagers would take advantage of his vulnerability, and pry Calista’s body from him. They shortly after continued to curse him, beat him, and eventually he was driven out of town for fear of his life.
Garoth was never the same. Over time, a sickening madness overcame him, an obsession for fire and explosives. His inventions grew more dangerous, his demeanor was more sunken and crazed. After some time with this obsession, he heard a voice in the fireplace.
“Oh little one, who’s diligence to the flames is so pure, lend your heart to me so that I may gift you the powers of fire” , the voice whispered.
Garoth decided to take this offer. If an illusion, what harm could be done to his already shattered psyche?
But to his surprise, it was all too real. Flames licked forward from the fire, wrapping him until he was consumed, and just as quickly the fires were gone. A small mark of his contract was placed over his chest, a symbol in a tongue not of this world.
“Go now, my pet, and spread the fires of our contract across the world.”

And so Garoth roamed, spreading fire and chaos, but always sure to not harm any not deserving it. A journey that eventually lead him to the town of Dawnbridge, where adventure awaited him.


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