"Encroaching Darkness" is the title of an adventure that the party has engaged in. It is a custom campaign, using the ruleset for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, with homebrew elements. The campaign takes place entirely on the homebrew planet of Ohnar, with the party starting off on the island country Tryiss. The only other homebrew elements for rules is the Artificer class being used by Aura, and a couple races that no one has made a character for yet, being the Nya'Ti and the Ilar.

Due to recent time constraints that some players were having, the campaign was delayed several times before a compromise was made. Some days when there are not enough people, side sessions will be had those weeks made to be entirely fun and fluid, and don't impact this campaign in the slightest.

The party for this campaign (which changes depending on availability of individuals) are as follows:

The current rules make the experience null, and the campaign is using milestone leveling. The party is currently all at level 3. The game mostly takes place online, using Discord to chat, and Roll20 to play. We at one point used Maptool to roll and battle, and still somewhat use Dropbox to share files (like character sheets, notes, maps, etc.), although we might switch to Google Docs for ease. 


Normally playing on Fridays, starting between 4:30PM and 5:30PM EST, we are now on a temporary hiatus as we continue to play in Xavier's campaign, "Sanctity".

Encroaching Darkness

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