• Garoth


    "You all called me evil Before you had any cause But now that I’m a devil You best beware my claws" - Tattoo on Garoth's back
  • Kronus Asimov Zakharovich

    Kronus Asimov Zakharovich

    "This 'old man' turned my family and friends into a flesh totem. He deserved worse than what I did"
  • Oskar Ironfist

    Oskar Ironfist

    "I will use my axe to spread the glory that is known as METAL!" - Oskar after receiving his new axe
  • Marlin Bastion

    Marlin Bastion

    "I am but a servant to Solan, and an extension of his kindness. But I am also an extension of his justice, and no crimes will go unpunished in my sights"
  • Samuel


    "You may yet find your parents, young one. Do not lose faith." - Master Orion, Head Monk of the Dravia Monastary
  • Vastele Naïdon

    Vastele Naïdon

    No one saw what happened. In one moment we were surrounded, ready to die. The next, all of them are dead, and a lone woman stands amongst them.