Encroaching Darkness

Infiltrating Castle Karthis
Present PCs: Aura, Elneak, Garoth, Ivellios, Oskar

They put on the armor and managed to sneak into the castle. The castle was pretty shit. Turns out Reginald Harker, old man mayor from Fairbury that Kronus killed, is still alive being a dick.

In the castle we had an hour long moment of trying to figure out a puzzle that the answer was very straightforward if someone did a perception check in the garden when they first entered (somehow the only room they didn't do that). They solved the trap's puzzle and continued to the dungeon and prison cells downstairs to rescue the people there to help re-capture the castle. They gained the help of the half-elf Elneak Jan-Martin, who remembered a secret passage the guards were using in the basement, and found it.

The party continued down this hidden passage deep into the rock until they encountered some cultists, and attacked them by surprise. The fight was hilarious as two of the three cultists did suicide spells that knocked out everyone except Garoth and Ivellios, who went around and helped everyone recover. After recovering, the party continued down the path that eventually lead to the shadow cult's lair. There, they found a temple that had a chest with three magical items (an all-black longbow, a pair of gloves with wraps that defy gravity, and a pair of goggles with green lenses that gave a light glow), and a laboratory with the chopped up remains of many people, in the process of being turned into flesh golems.

After a bit of exploring this seemingly empty lair, they eventually opened the door that had Reginald Harker behind it. Elneak immediately went to shoot him, but the session ended here, about 6 hours of play time later.

Arrival at Karthis
Present PCs: Aura, Garoth, Oskar, Samuel
Preparing to Travel
Present PCs: Oskar, Garoth, Samuel, Ivellios

The party, now with quest in mind, begin to leave the meeting room before Vastele asks Kronus to stay back for a little while with the other two party leaders. The rest of the party wait outside until Kronus re-emerges. He explains that his "Revenant sensing ability" is a highly valued one for a mission Vastele wished to complete sooner rather than later, and asked each party leader to come along to improve their odds of success. Kronus agreed for an opportunity to kill another person who ruined his life. before leaving the party, Kronus gives temporary leadership to Garoth with all the needed materials for that position, and bids farewell for now.

The rest of the party sits around for a bit discussing on a plan of action, and Vastele approaches them, understanding they are planning on a mode of travel. She offers them a list of four names, three of which are captains currently docked in Dawnbridge and one of a Wizard with experimental long-range teleportation magic. The party thanks for the leads, and begins talking with each of the captains and the Wizard. They discover that each of the captains would take at least 3-5 days of travel with varying odds of success, and the wizard (who turned out to be Jacob's mentor Abinibus Glitterflik), although his was instantaneous, the spell was still experimental, and had a larger margin of vertical error when done over a longer distance. After much discussion, the party agrees with using Abinibus' method, although they'd have to wait a day for Oskar to fully understand the "Feather Fall" spell (this was because of a misunderstanding of "number of spells available" on Alex's part). In the meantime, Garoth remembers he has the runes from before, and decides to ask Abinibus and later Jacob about them. Abinibus only reveals that they are of an origin long before any preserved written record describes, and that Jacob claims to have made an important discovery on them.

Deciding this is the best lead, the party seeks out Jacob at the Faction Hall, and upon finding him and explaining the runes Jacob asks the party to follow him up to his study. There, Jacob begins his experiments on the stones, and explains that the stones are from a time where another race that's now extinct made these stones, the "Halflings" who he theorizes are the predecessors of the Gnome race. Being not that magically inept, the Halflings created these runes to perform simple magical spectacles that they could otherwise not perform. Jacob theorizes that the Halflings became the Gnomes after a very successful attempt at infusing magical abilities into themselves, and are as a result not technically extinct, but evolved.

The party helps Jacob to learn of the runestones activations, and of the possible actions to use them. This lasts all day, until the party is tired, and is ready to retire for the night.

At this point, the session ended at approximately 8:30PM.

The New Faction Hall
Present PCs: Garoth, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

After discovering the artifact hidden deep under the Old Temple, the party re-evaluated the premise, exploring each nook and cranny to ensure they have a stable location to use later as a secret base under the main headquarters. It was agreed upon to not mention the Adamantium Doors nor their contents or means of access to anyone, and keep it a secret.

Upon returning to Town Hall to report their findings, the party speaks with Marlin, and gives a summary of their adventure (and excluding any mention of the door). Marlin explains that the hidden basement will remain a secret for now, and says the guild cannot repair it until they make more money, but he will go down with a couple local clerics to consecrate the grounds to prevent further undead possibilities.

The party is given at this point an entire week to do as they please behind the scenes, and officially become level 3.

After this week of gallivanting and camaraderie, The party now heads towards the new Guild Hall, and meet up with Oskar's cousin Martin (and his party), Jacob's sister Emilia (and her party), and Trevor (alone, but wearing a full robe and is cleaned up), all entering the Guild Hall. When the party all entered and went to the theater hall, they were assigned seats to take to sit in on the "grand opening ceremony".

Shortly into the ceremony, Balasar, the Bailiff of the Faction (Military leader), announces for the parties with leaders Martin, Kronus, and Emilia to head out of the eastern exit of the room, and follow Jacob for a sudden emergency discussion. Jacob takes the party to a room where Vastele and Marlin sit, and they cut to the chase. There are three quests that have been handed out to all active factions within the last couple of days that have been marked urgent, and demand each faction to send their best adventurers to handle the situations. The situations were:

  • Flesh Golems made from the abducted people of surrounding communities to the town of Northpass.
  • Pirates and slavers suddenly attacking Karthis in droves, with no foreseeable end in sight.
  • The Nya'Ti native to a small island in Corrison's western borders has an internal conflict that's spilling out into the surrounding area.

Samuel insisted on solving the pirate issue, and everyone was content with that. Martin's party agreed to solve the Nya'Ti issue and Emilia's party to solve the Flesh Golem issue.

Discovering the Moon... Goddess
Present PCs: Garoth, Ivellios, Kronus, Oskar

The party had recently knocked out a bunch of cursed books and finished looting most of the basement. They now go to the room behind the altar, and find a pair of huge Adamantium doors. Using key and password, the doors swing open, revealing a magical darkness and a long hallway leading to a single stone platform, lit up with a single sky light, and etched with the symbol of the Goddess of the Moon, Jaspiiq.

Upon standing on this platform, a light shines in the distance, an orb of blue and silver as large as the chapel above looms ahead of them, swirling with a brilliant light that reveals the figure of a beautiful woman. They figure claims to be an after-image of the Goddess Jaspiiq, and explains that this room surrounded in Adamantium was made to house and keep secret this ancient relic, to be of use in the future when they need it. The figure says the main purpose of this relic was to both answer any question she can, and to activate several linked artifacts to create a portal to the Astral Plane, the realm of the gods. The artifacts in question are dispersed around the globe, and there are 6 in total.

Kronus asked about the door's function and they key, and if more could be made. In the end, Kronus now owns two keys, gave another one to Garoth, and left one in a corner of the antichamber for the Goddess relic, and knows that the door needs both a key and password to open, or else it will not. If all keys are destroyed, a new one is made, spawning randomly in the material world.

The session ended here.

Finishing Exploration
Present PCs: Garoth, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

After finishing the fight against the Knight Commander of the Silver Vigil, the party now holds the key and password to the doors beyond this chamber. The party decides to clear all rooms out first to ensure there is nothing left to sneak up behind them and kill them.

Garoth and Kronus decide to explore the room to the left, and discover the barracks and mess hall. They pilfered all the footlockers, successfully disarmed a poison dart trap, and uncovered a bunch of money.

Samuel, Ivellios, and Oskar go to the room on the right, and discover the basement's library. To their dismay, they also found the spellbooks section with the magic in many of these books corrupting them into flying pests, casting spells everywhere and being an overall nuisance. A long fight was had here before all the books fell. It was after this fight that Kronus and Garoth re-joined the rest of the party, and Garoth found a hidden box containing a land deed. Ivellios' past with cartography allowed him to pinpoint where this land might be, and laughed as he exclaimed it to be where the Ogre Fort is that they had recently destroyed.

The game ended here.

Fighting the Silver Vigil
Present PCs: Garoth, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

The entire session was combat with the boss of this "dungeon", and several minions that crawled in from the unexplored rooms.

Half-way through combat, a magical barrier erected itself around the middle of the room, denying any outside this barrier entry without a strong enough push (Strength check).

At the end of combat, Garoth was downed but passed all his saving throws to eventually become stabilized by Samuel.

The Hidden Basement in the Old Chapel
Present PCs: Garoth, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

At the start to a new day, everyone is awoken to the muddled sound of a heated argument, and the sudden loud bang to the front doors of the Avinov mansion slamming shut. At breakfast, they discover the daughter, Emilia, had left in a fit of anger, not pleased with Jacob being chosen as Seneschal over her for The Advent Dawn. Jacob explains that while he has a better personable demeanor, Emilia is much more versed in politics, and would technically be a better pick as a result.

Kronus decides to look into this further, with fear that Emilia might go rogue and become an enemy in the future. He learns that Emilia stormed off with a family heirloom, an old artifact warhammer, that she has found a party to join, and that she went and begun doing quests with them. Kronus at the same time managed to piss off or disturb many sailors and a barkeeper at the docks, and cause a small goose-chase with the remaining party members.

The rest of the party wait at the mansion with Jacob, who finally received his letter and package describing how to make a bomb. Jacob takes the prototype, arms it, and takes everyone outside to demonstrate it. Garoth had the honors of throwing the bomb at a brick supported by several tied logs. Garoth whipped the bomb at the logs. After the explosion and the area cleared of smoke, the logs were destroyed, but the brick was nowhere to be seen. The party then decides to go after Kronus, and begin exploring the old temple.

After enough looking around, the party finds a hidden room (they blew up a wall instead of just finding the secret door). Within the hidden room, they find a secret key that opens another secret door on the floor, showing a stairway going deep underground. Oskar slid down on his bedroll and was first to the bottom of a long way down.

The first room was a storage room with little inside the broken crates and barrels save rotten foods and hay. A hole in the west wall hidden by a tapestry was found, but ignored as they went to the door in the north first. That room was a tiny barracks of 3 bunkbeds and a desk, where they fought several skeletons and won. They later discovered a hidden passage to the northwest of the room, to a hallway that was home to a Giant Spider. Kronus tossed some oil and fire in the room, and smoked the Spider to death.

At the end of that passage laid a large room with an altar in the middle, and a single man kneeling before it. The man stood up and announced himself as the Knight Commander of the Silver Vigil, and beckoned the party to a duel. If they win, they would be given access to the treasure behind him. Should they lose, they will become more guardians to this treasure.

The party begun the fight, but ended shortly into combat, about 2 rounds in.

Supper and Strongholds
Present PCs: Garoth, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

Things happened.

Ogre Stronghold, Pt. 2
Present PCs: Garoth. Ivellios, Kronus, Oskar, Samuel

They killed Ogres. yay.


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